I just went through 12,000+ photos on my MacBook from 2007 to now so here are a bunch of selfies from the last year or so.

It’s always cool to reflect on where you’ve been and who you are. It’s been a long road but I’m so in love with the woman I am today. I may not care much for my physical appearance and I get so bummed that I still haven’t figured out makeup but who I am beyond the surface has changed so much over the years as well and I think it shows so much through photos. I’ve gained quite a bit of confidence and clarity especially in the last year. I’ve still got miles to go but I’m happy to be where I am! 😊

Total knockout😍😘

omg those eyes


Marty Leeds’ Gematria Cypher

The most famous mathematician of all, Pythagoras’, famously  exclaimed “All is number”. The root word of ignorant is “ignore”. Angles, arcs, ratios and geometries  are all around us, screaming at us from ever corner of our world – every flower, every tree, every  sunrise and sunset, every wave of sound bellowed from our mouths and every tick-toc of the clock  works its magic through the laws, principles and essences of number. To ignore the fact that number  rules all is to ignore the ingenious construction and glory of the world that we have inherited. There is  an intelligence behind nature and that intelligence is speaking to us through the magic of number.